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Caring for your skin: Sanex Repair

Caring for your skin Sanex Repair

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Caring for your skin: Sanex Repair

The appearance of your skin is the best indicator of your health, so it uses Sanex Repair. The company defines as beautiful skin smooth and soft, but for Sanex important thing is not only that, but healthy skin is hydrated, balanced and able to protect yourself from harmful external factors and agents and in turn, allows you to communicate with the environment through touch and sensation.


Caring for your skin Sanex Repair

Without realizing it, throughout the day to repeatedly expose your skin damage:

Bathrooms and showers: Most people usually taken long showers or hot baths in winter, where prolonged exposure to harmful soaps and hot water can damage the skin’s protective barrier.

Shaving: The waxing or shaving your armpits regularly can irritate the skin as it is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and can damage the protective barrier.

Strong soaps: The skin is dry, in many cases, the frequent use of aggressive or alkaline soaps have a great impact on the skin. When used on a daily basis is easier than the skin to dry faster.

One of the main reasons unknown to all, is the effect produced by the use of heating and air conditioning, both reduces the skin’s natural moisture and dehydrated.

Therefore, it’s proposed that the use of the new Sanex Repair, which helps you to repair minor damage to the skin daily; thanks to its unique formula with Activ-Restore Complex.


Sanex Dermo Repair provides a range of shower gels and deodorants to repair minor damage to your skin, providing hydration and pH levels need to stay healthy. Using this new range, you’re preventing possible irritations and infections of the skin, enhancing hydration and definitely promote your beauty and your health.

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