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Caring for eyelash extensions: Pre and Post Care

How to Care for Eyelash Extensions After spending time and money getting eyelash extensions

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Caring for eyelash extensions: Pre and Post Care

The eyelash extensions without much doubt that improve finished makeup, but it is very important to know how to get the most out of them and avoid unsightly results or drawbacks.
Let’s see what are the essential guidelines for care eyelash extensions are:

Right kind of eyelash extensions

Choosing the right kind of eyelash extensions is fundamental. There are synthetic, silk and mink, as well as different lengths.
For example, if you have straight lashes, it’s best to opt for the lighter extensions because otherwise they will fall faster.
How to Care for Eyelash Extensions After spending time and money getting eyelash extensions
As the adhesive, it must be completely free of formaldehyde.

Keep tabs dry for 48 hours

It is crucial that the false eyelashes will not get wet for 48 hours after application. This means that they must be protected at all times during the shower, physical activities generating sweating and avoid the sauna and water sports.

Careful when removing makeup

Never use cotton pads, as these can cause eyelash extensions fall faster and also leave residues in them.

Avoid any waterproof makeup, and use Cleansing wipes to remove makeup gently.

Mask appropriate tabs

The mascara has to be water based, as the oily ingredients possessing adhesive may adhere to the extensions and are very difficult to remove.

Do not ruin the tabs with moisturizers

Any moisturizing product should be used carefully, as it can loosen the glue causing falling.

Protect chlorine

Past 48 hours as recommended dry after application of eyelash extensions, and needless to protect the water but be careful of the chlorinated water in swimming pools.

In order to keep the chlorine residual affect them, you should always rinse with bottled water afterwards.

Do not forget the natural lashes

The use of false eyelashes may damage the natural eyelashes, so it is advisable to use a serum growth and eyelash conditioner.

Castor oil can improve the appearance of lashes and stimulate growth. It is applied before going to bed (not put false eyelashes).

The care after showering

After showering and drying you have to comb eyelashes properly. You have to comb with a brush and dry with a hair dryer with cold air to not affect the adhesive.

Avoid oil-based cosmetics

Besides mascara, you also have to protect lashes from other products such as creams, shampoo and conditioner. A good trick is to use the swimming goggles while you are in the shower.

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your side or stomach can cause false eyelashes last less time, therefore ideally s rest his back in order to avoid jerking or friction caused by the pillow.

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