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The English brand products cosmetics for skin, Rodial, innovation in the world with a stunning cream that aims to increase the breast sizes. Boob Job, is the name of this cream so revolutionary that stimulates the growth and production of fat cells, in addition to block them in the chest area, thus increasing its volume with a maximum increase of half a glass.

Breast enlargement without surgery

For women who resorted to painful cosmetic surgery procedures or injections of hyaluronic acid or the eternal padded bra this is a much friendlier to the body.

Radial gel is formulated with a compound derived from an Asian root that works on the fat under the skin layer, but does not have hormonal activity.

Composed Volufiline ( Asian root extract) and Pentapeptides, both favor the synthesis of collagen: repairing, reconstructing and smoothing. It reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the neck area. It also carries a protein component of wheat rises, firms, tones and filled the skin. Smooth the surface of the skin and adds a natural glow. Other components are:

Sarsasapogenina: A saponoside steroid that acts as a diuretic, eliminating excess fluid in the body and would enhance the removal of organic wastes. It works by increasing the bust of a non-hormonal.

Resin Myrrh: Increases the number of fat cells and increases storage of fat in the breast area.

It is also free of parabens, chemicals as those discussed in the cosmetic industry.



Immediately firms and lifts the skin around the bust and décolleté areas. Fill the volume of the breasts in a lipo-filling and the breasts look more fuller cup size and cleavage area looks more toned and radiant. The antioxidants protect the cream containing an area often neglected because it is very exposed to the sun.



The product should be applied for at least 56 days, morning and night, to see maximum results, which are not permanent, but they need a routine maintenance of 2 or 3 times a week.

It have to apply it twice a day with movements up and down until the gel is dissolved in the skin.

The idea is to use twice daily as close to lunchtime as possible.

With creams as many women discard Bob Job silicone implants or injections called Macrolane. Since this gel stimulates growth ensures a natural look and the production of fat cells in the breast area. A good solution for women who want to increase the bust and without going through any operation.

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