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We are what we eat, and therefore food plays an important role in our physical appearance. What we take to our mouths bills us in the body, that is why it is necessary to purchase smart and healthy foods for daily meals.

There are foods that are consumed excessively directly affect the elasticity and tone of the skin , generating the early appearance of wrinkles and sagging . We must stop believing that only sun and tobacco are responsible for poor quality in the dermis, if we consume these unfavorable foods and do not sunbathe or smoke, in the long run we will have the same skin as a smoker or who Sun daily.

Coffee can be beneficial if it is not taken in excess. When the daily dose exceeds the recommended limit,

Experts have developed a blacklist of foods that age our body, read them below carefully:

Sugary Refreshments: The ingestion of high sugar contents causes the cells to die quickly, which accelerates the aging process. It is best to replace these by natural juices without the addition of refined sugar.

Trans fats : these fats are extremely harmful. They are found in processed foods, certain ice creams and industrial bakeries. They provide empty calories and are one of the main causes of clogged arteries.

The body needs fats because they help the skin look good, lubricate joints, protect cell membranes from free radicals and are essential for protecting and isolating the nervous system. But they have to be healthy fats from olive oil, avocado or coconut.

Salt: Excessive consumption of salt is harmful, causes increases in blood pressure and a notable reduction in the production of collagen.

Sugars: besides being abundant in soft drinks, sugar is present in countless foods. It is one of the main agents that cause premature aging and health problems like diabetes. It is best to choose to consume fresh fruits and honey, because they have natural sugars healthy for our body.

Coffee: Coffee can be beneficial if it is not taken in excess. When the daily dose exceeds the recommended limit, coffee generates dehydration and this hydrogenation can affect the appearance of the skin.

Alcohol: also produces dehydration, but more quickly. There is a lot to limit the consumption of this drink, a glass of wine is favorable, more than that should not drink.

Spicy: Spicy foods are not good for the skin, they dilate both the blood vessels that generate their break, which can not be reversed. Spicy is contraindicated for rosacea skin, and in addition it has to be considered that causes loss of elasticity, tone and alters the natural color of the skin.

Red meats: meats are necessary, but excessive consumption is harmful, since being rich in cardinine can cause the capillaries to harden and consequent premature aging.

It is advisable to eat twice a week at most, and the rest of the day replace with skinless poultry and fish accompanied with vegetables.

Simple carbohydrates: generate a high glycemic index, which encourages the loss of elasticity and tonicity of the skin and muscles. It is best to consume complex and comprehensive carbohydrates.

Preservatives: Artificial preservatives contain a high amount of sulfites, which affect the blood vessels, causing loss of elasticity and therefore, premature wrinkles.

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