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The role of eyebrows in the set of facial features, on the one hand, very subtle, since its mission is to frame the eyes, and on the other, very important, because when properly plucked it make the difference.


Knowing that the eyebrows do not escape the howling of fashion, being used hyper thin one year and the next super populated, it is best to plan a proper eyebrow style, finding the perfect eyebrows for your eyes, your nose and your cheekbones and sustain that style own time.


Best Three Hair Removal Techniques of 2011


Thus, when we opt for a hair removal technique, and we need to know the pattern, so the hardest thing will be solved. In this note we show three systems for plucking eyebrows each chosen according to the time, patience and budget.


Hindu Thread

This method is still very little spread between us, although the tradition comes from ancient times. Those who resort to Hindu thread for plucking eyebrows are more than satisfied, not just the result neat and precise, but mainly because it does not suffer in the least. This is done with a thin cotton thread by twisting the hair takes root and remove it. The benefits of Indian thread technique are:

  • Does not cause allergies or pain
  • Accurate
  • It weakens the hair
  • It’s fast and totally hygienic


Best Three Hair Removal Techniques of 2011

Laser Hair Removal

It is a very well-known technique Pulsed Light or simply Hair removal to resort to this method have to be sure that the shape of the eyebrows that you will allow yourselves to be the one that best combines with your features, while the laser hair removal is permanent hair removal.




On the other hand, if you have the budget to do and we are sure what you want, and if you hate suffer, it is the most practical method because it is painless, requiring only a few sessions and the results are forever. This is the emission of light influences the heats gradually weaken the hair follicle until it stops growing. This procedure is contraindicated for sensitive skin and pregnant. In summary, the advantages are:

  • Painless technique
  • Final



Yes it’s true, you think of wax as it hurts you, but it is. We know it’s a foolproof at least in the more complicated parts of the body. The eyebrows, the pull is hardly noticeable, as the heat itself acts as an anesthetic.


Apply just a little hot wax between tibias in the area, let it dry a few seconds and proceeded to pull up, always in the opposite direction to hair. The wax is recommended for too dense eyebrows. Its advantages are:

  • Delay hair growth to weaken it completely.
  • Remove the hair root.
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