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While the use of a particular color or hue depends on each occasion, and also to your personality, certain nail polish to which you are always faithful and never be lacking in your beauty kit. Do you know what is the best color to paint your nails? TrendingFashions chose the following for you:

woman likes to have her nails painted has a red nail polish from your cosmetics


Any woman who likes to have her nails painted has a red nail polish from her cosmetics, without doubt it is the favorite. It is a shade that can combine with everything that looks sexy and is elected by all women, both fans of nail art as those who paint occasionally. The red nails are 100% combined with the black dresses.

Red wine

The color red or burgundy is one of the best nail colors for a night out, a party or formal occasion. It is a simple and elegant tone for women of all ages. Highly recommended!

Permanent Nail Polish, always perfect hands


As the trends in nail polishes most used and favored by women are warm colors (all shades of red, for example) when wine blue fashion that nobody ever thought would encourage. And I was wrong!
Blue is a variant funny and full of personality to leave the traditional tones. In addition, and as I said, is still fashionable.


The nail polishes come in pink yet for the spring summer season. It is a happy color, female, very cool and ideal for daytime wear. Today is preferred by teenagers and young girls, especially in the range of pink neon or fluorescent.

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The nude or skin color is trend to paint your nails for some time in makeup, clothing and also on nails, of course. It is a sober and sophisticated color, ideal for formal occasions or a job interview, for example. Another advantage is that it is very combinable.

French manicure

If you are a classic woman who wants to have his hands and nails beautiful and well produced but naturally and without drawing too much attention to colors, the French manicure is the best option. This technique is to highlight the whiteness of the crescent of the nail and cover the rest with glitter. Very delicate!

By the way, I leave several secrets to make nail polish last longer, a knowledge that all women fans of nail decoration should know.

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