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Benefits of tea tree oil to be always radiant

Benefits of tea tree oil to be always radiant

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Benefits of tea tree oil to be always radiant

Benefits of tea tree oil to be always radiant
Presented as an effective remedy against all types of infections, tea tree oil has been used to treat ailments ranging from a simple sore throat to others such as athlete’s foot. In this case, we tell you what its benefits are to take care of your image and be always radiant.

Belonging to the genus “Melaleuca”, the tea tree is a plant with a great antibiotic and antiseptic power. Although it seems otherwise, is present in many of the cosmetic products we use daily as is the case of shampoos, deodorants, acne lotions, toothpastes or natural antiseptic creams.

Like this one, the uses of mandarin essential oil will be perfect to take care of your image.

Main benefits of tea tree oil to take care of your image

This oil, originally from Australia, is obtained from the steam distillation of the leaves of the tea tree. The aroma that this type of oil distills is usually described as stimulating and encouraging. Among the benefits of tea tree oil , we highlight the following:

-Can become a great ally to combat these unsightly pimples , characteristics of acne. To avoid its proliferation it is necessary to wash your face daily with tea tree soap, in addition to preparing a lotion to use at night and in the morning and to make essential oil, at least three times a week.

-On the other hand, we can also use the tea tree to wash our hair regularly and combat the presence of the fungus Canida albicans that causes dandruff . If we massage the scalp with tea tree oil and let it work for an hour, we can subsequently apply the shampoo and then rinse with water.

– Those red spots that appear after the hair removal sessions that we do quickly and running and that account for the hypersensitivity of our skin , we can also treat them with tea tree oil. If we apply a few drops on a cotton on the irritated areas, we will notice that our skin calms instantly.

-It will also be of great help to treat the encysted hairs , so characteristic when we depilate with wax or other systems that pull the hair by the roots. We only have to dilute a little of this oil with water and apply it on the clogged pores. You will notice that the swelling will decrease in a surprising way.

-The tea tree oil is also useful to motivate hair growth, since it unclogs the hair follicles and penetrates directly into the hair root, nourishing it in the most important area. So that the root absorbs it, we can apply it with the fingertips in a light massage.

-In the case that you have dry skin , tea tree oil will help to moisturize and make it look brighter. Use five tablespoons of this oil and another of almonds. They will be of great help to your skin.

-With tea tree oil you can create your own make-up remover. You can dilute ten drops of this oil in a cup containing a quarter of cinnamon oil. Apply this preparation to your face and then a tonic. It will be perfect!

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