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The sagging arms is quite common, this can happen for a sedentary lifestyle, a lot of weight loss or lack of elasticity in the skin. But fortunately there is a solution for each case.

The issue is that once the skins of the arms are loose, it is very difficult to recover the tone of old, so the perseverance and dedication are essential. There are several alternatives in the world of aesthetics that can help improve the tone of the arms and eliminate sagging, firming treatments with radiofrequency, ultrasound, or cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery: brachioplasty or arm lift is the most effective for severe cases because it removes excess skin, but carries all the risks of surgery. Another disadvantage is that the scar can be very visible as the case may be extending from the armpit to the elbow.

Lowering treatment: it takes several sessions to get the expected result, but surely possible. These treatments combine lymphatic drainage, ultrasound waves massage and stimulation with Russia.

With them to eliminate localized fat, tighten skin and in turn strengthen the musculature due to lack of physical activity or age. Such therapies are indicated for cases of mild tenderness in the arms and the number of sessions depends on the case.

It is important that once you have achieved the desired result, maintaining physical activity to prevent the skin to sag again.

Icetherapy: is a treatment that combines exfoliation, reducing massage, cold wraps and ice gear in the treatment area. This method aims to restore skin tone, and is often combined with Russian waves, blisters and firming massage.

RF: One of the firming treatments for excellence at a more superficial. It is the period mentioned cosmetic procedure to restore skin tone, as it provides a lifting effect and in turn improves skin health in general.

This technique will minimize the drop in the skin of the arm a few inches but not all, so this is an ideal method for mild cases of arms bat.

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