Beauty Treatments: cosmetic applications with Cryotherapy

The Cryotherapy is a beauty treatments technique used by the application of cold to produce improvements in the health of the skin and weight loss, and also uses in certain health problems. This is a beneficial procedure as it makes your body metabolism activated naturally.


Thinking about testing cryotherapy? The use of cryotherapy is highly tested as an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and as a remedy for fever, sprains and sunburn. If you want to try cryotherapy in the applications of aesthetics, in this article you will find all the information and contraindications needed.

How does the cryotherapy works?

Cryotherapy is the application of cold in different ways. The cold does occur as a natural reaction of your body vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) and thus activate your metabolism and therefore has different uses, both in health and aesthetics.

What is a session of aesthetic cryotherapy

Place bandages or compresses cryogenic substances for about 40 minutes while you lie on a stretcher. The application of aesthetic cryotherapy is painless and requires no anesthesia.

It can also be used creams and gels cold. In all cases, after it has taken effect, applying creams or other substances to reduce the sensation of cold.

This therapy have real effects, it is necessary to accompany it with a diet low in fat or if necessary a weight loss diet as prescribed.

Utilities aesthetic of cryotherapy

By activating the metabolism, cryotherapy is an excellent treatment to help you lose weight. The cold energy removes deposits fat locally. This helps reduce cellulite, localized edema and sagging. One of the great benefits is the reactivation of the entire lymphatic system.

Contraindications to cryotherapy

If you are interested in making a treatment based on cryotherapy, you must consult with your doctor. People with heart disease, rheumatism of the bones, abnormal blood pressure, impaired sensation in the skin, hives, or allergies to cold, Raynaud’s disease, renal dialysis, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, malignant or some other illnesses and injuries can not use cryotherapy treatments unless they have authorization from a health professional.

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