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Being beautiful and feeling good can be achieved with healthy lifestyle, ie physical activity and a balanced diet. This is the basis of true beauty , then any change in the look or make further enhance it. There are so many ways to carry out the right diet for glowing skin, healthy hair and harmonious body. One is through calls Drinks Beauty, a beverage concentrate in all essential nutrients to better seen every day.

mix of vitamins that help the body to have more energy and thus make the skin looks younger
The skin can also be powered through and vitamin waters, the famous coconut water and new functional drinks that promise to be the best for the dermis because their benefits are: hydrate, energize, fight free radicals, etc. A whole new category, these drinks are called “Beauty Drinks” and are made ​​with vitamins and minerals derived from vegetables and fruits. Now there are several brands on the market that offer and new ones are joining this alternative way to cool and quench thirst but in a much healthier way.

The traditional soft drinks have a content of synthetic vitamins, sugars and sweeteners that are not good for the body if consumed regularly. Therefore there are other ways to drink very tasty and does no harm, however has many benefits and is readily available in the supermarket or kiosk.

They come in different style:

Rehydration: used to rehydrate the body after a gym session or sports. They are perfect for caring for the body recover after overexertion and salts for example. Surely the skin will be greatly benefited because eliminates toxins through sweat sport but returns to incorporate vitamins and minerals.

Vitaminized: it comes to drinks that offer a mix of vitamins that help the body to have more energy and thus make the skin looks younger. They can be taken at any time of day.

Fresh fruit: coconut water is chosen for excellence. The celebrities are fans of this fruit water, ideal place to recover after a workout. It is ideal because it has a proper ratio of electrolytes to the water application, along with detox and fortifying the immune system.

Beautific of Oenobiol: This is a partnership between Coca-Cola and Sanofi, one of the 5 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world for a range of soft drinks that contain a cocktail of ingredients that enhance beauty from within. The ingredients may be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fruits, vegetables, etc. The line consists of 4 different mixes: to protect skin from the sun and promote tanning, to strengthen hair and nails, activate metabolism to lose weight and provide energy.

Beauty & Go is the first and only drink Beauty able to minimize aging skin. Surge joint work between two Spanish family businesses large international presence. Macro-containing Antioxidantes® present in the skins of fruits, effectively fighting skin aging caused by the attack of free radicals, fruits, vitamins and minerals and other natural ingredients that help a firm skin. There are four versions: aging, vitality, detoxifying and vital.

The functional waters, as they are also called are certainly a nice addition for those who do not like to just drink water and expect to get benefits beyond satiety or enjoy a unique flavor to your palate. It is always best water in a high amount to help the body in every way, but if you do not like so much of it can also opt for the healthier alternative.

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