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Having an ideal closet, with things for any occasion, is the dream of every woman. Achieving it is easier than you imagine. Having some pieces, and handling the art of mixing colors and textures, will make choosing your outfits much easier. That’s why today we show you the 4 basic garments of women’s wardrobe and how to combine them.

Do you need a lot of clothes or a lot of money to dress well?

Definitely not. Learn to buy clothes and focus on acquiring some accessories that can complement many outfits. It is not an easy task, but knowing your body, style and refining your eyes in low-priced stores, you can get dressed as a fashionista without spending a lot of money. Over time, you will be able to adjust your closet much better to your budget.

you should not overlook these 4 basic garments of the women's wardrobe and how to combine them with the advice we bring you

Tips to buy clothes and accessories without spending a lot of money and without regret:

  • Look for parts and accessories that look good, they don’t necessarily have to be expensive.
  • Detail the seams and finishes. Check that it has no imperfections.
  • Buy clothes that combine with everything and striking accessories, but that match or contrast with many pieces of your closet.
  • Choose good shoes and match them with everything. There are certain shoes that every woman should have .

There are certain clothes that make your life easy, which when used in different ways will allow you to vary your looks and look good. These 4 pieces should not be missing in your closet:

White shirt

Within the women’s shirts , the white one, in its different models and versions, must be in everyone’s closet. It serves for any occasion and offers you infinite combinations. Some options to combine depending on the occasion are:

For work: Wearing dress pants and heels are the perfect outfit to go to the office. If you want to add formality, good taste and style; Includes a matching blazer and a contrasting collar.
Exit with friends: For this occasion you can wear your white shirt with jeans, a necklace or scarf, and depending on where they go, heels or slippers.
Cocktail event: This piece combined with skirts, either single or printed, short, midi or long, complete the perfect look, easy and fast to attend an event with cocktail dress code. Also, you can wear dress pants, prints or shiny along with a jacket and matching accessories. There will be no doubt of your good taste.
Family day: These days we want to feel comfortable and be prepared for adventure with children. Joggers are a good option to combine your white shirt. Similarly, with jeans, a sweater over the shirt and some other accessory, you will look fashion.
combine a white shirt

Short black dress: The popular little black dress is an inevitable piece in any wardrobe . It has the versatility to accompany you to events ranging from a formal one, to a weekend outing. So if you are looking to renew your clothes , this piece should not be missing from the list. If you buy the right one, you can use it hundreds of times and nobody will notice that it is the same dress. You can combine it in the following ways:

There are other pieces that should not be missing in your closet, such as the blazer, denim jacket or black shirt.

Black dress

For work: If you choose a midi dress, you can use it to go to the office. With a blazer of any color, matching heels and a necklace or tendrils that give a chic touch, you will be the best dressed among your coworkers. You can use dancers if the dress code allows it. Pick up your hair and you will look much more professional.
Departure with friends: If you go to dinner or party with your friends, you can use this dress in a slightly more daring way. Wear it combined with accessories that stand out and platform shoes, they will make you a show.
Cocktail event: You can use your dress with pantyhose, elegant accessories and high heels. If you want you can vary your footwear and accessories.
Family day: For a family day or Sunday outing where you want to look great but according to the occasion, you can also use the little black dress . Combine it with a denim jacket and sneakers and you’ll wear a pretty chic look. To add a touch of femininity and color, try a contrasting necklace.


Infallible! There is no shirt, shirt, jacket or blazer that does not match with jeans. You can use them with almost anything. With all types of footwear and accessories. Here are some ideas:

For work: Combining jeans with a shirt, blazer, accessories and heels will make you look fresh and professional in the office. The important thing is to play with the accessories so that your look goes from being comfortable and daily, to looking fashion and professional.

Out with friends: Wear jeans with a single-color t-shirt and scarf that matches the outfit; Some boots would be the perfect fashionista touch to get out of the simple. Remember that playing with accessories will make your jeans a perfect piece to go wherever you want.

Cocktail event: It is a bit more delicate to choose jeans for an event of this type. But calm, it is not impossible. Use patterned, satin and / or shiny shirts. High heels and elegant accessories. Remember that beyond the piece of clothing, it is your attitude that gives elegance to the garment. Make up according to the event, fix your hair well and you will look perfect for the occasion.

Family day: Mixing Levis jeans with patterned shirts gives a fresh look for any family day. Comfortable shoes, such as ballerinas or flat sandals, delicate accessories, cap or hat, will make this piece out of the everyday and make you look beautiful to be with the family.

Dress pants

Another garment that can not be missing in a woman’s closet is the dress pants. Like all the basics, knowing how to combine it is the key to use it day and night on any occasion.

For work: This is the basic of every working woman. This pants, with matching blazer and unicolor shirt is a classic. Add style with a contrasting collar or with a patterned shirt. Don’t make your office outfits something boring and everyday.

Outing with friends: The dress pants, with a top, heels and matching accessories, will make your perfect look to go out with your friends. Remember that depending on the plans, you can use more relaxed accessories that make the combination look fresh and fashionable. If you are leaving the office to meet your friends, add some color to your makeup, take off your blazer and wear more daring shoes for the night.

Cocktail event: This pants brings formality to almost any garment that complements. Use satin shirts, with bright colors and prints. The heels will be your ally, they will make your long legs look and you will look elegant and stylish.

Family day: If you have a family outing in which you should see a little more formal than usual, use your dress pants with a matching shirt and accessories. You can also combine them with a denim shirt and you will look fabulous. The dancers are the best ally for these meetings, if you want to look tall and stylized, try to make your heels comfortable.

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