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Baby shoes: The most tender option

flexible baby shoes that hold the foot, especially the heel when walking

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Baby shoes: The most tender option

Although our little one is still far from walking, it is essential to protect their feet without feeling uncomfortable. For anyone it is a secret that the first months of life of our child are the most important, because the care and attention you have with him at this time will mark him for his whole life, so it is very important to know how to choose the right footwear for this age , since the development of the arch of their feet and their stability when walking will be at stake.

flexible baby shoes that hold the foot, especially the heel when walking

When choosing your first footwear, the important thing is that it is soft, that is, it does not prevent you from moving your feet at your will while crawling and trying to stand up. The stockings with rubber adhesives, classic cotton “booties” and the woven shoes are ideal during the crawling stage . The woven shoes besides being the best, are super adorable! Let’s see why woven shoes are the best option while your little one begins to grow.

Let’s take care of our baby’s feet

The softness in the skin of our babies is one of the things that most generate tenderness in the world; but due to its characteristic fineness, it is exposed to hurt easily. The feet of your baby are very soft in the first 3 years of life, therefore, your shoes must also be soft. Until 8 or 9 months it is recommended that babies do not wear shoes, however in certain circumstances such as cold we must protect their feet.

We must remember that the feet of babies have a sensitivity much more delicate than that of the hand. This is because in the first months the feet have an essential function to inform the outside world of the baby and that is why it is recommended that they do not wear shoes until 8 or 9 months. Anyway, and under certain circumstances, such as the cold and the outside, we must protect them, the ideal is a soft and versatile footwear.

The crawling stage is one of the funniest and most curious of our little one, it is the moment in which it finally separates from our arms and begins to explore the world on its own, that is why it needs to feel comfortable and light, the woven shoes They are soft so, in the first months of life, it will be your best ally. We must avoid hard shoes at all costs! When we feel discomfort, our children can feel self-conscious about using their little legs to move from one place to another, even several pediatricians say that forcing their feet more, can generate malformations that are never desired.

Knitted shoes are practical and curious

Regardless of the gender of our baby, mothers love to try a thousand things to our little one, it is common to be trying new “outfits” of woven shoes to see which one feels more tender. But the woven shoes are not only striking to our eyes for their particularities, the practicality in these shoes also plays an important role when buying them.

Woven shoes are super practical to wear because they do not take up much and are ideal for when there is cold.

Your baby in its first months will constantly go to places where it must adapt to the temperature, then you must change clothes several times a day and you will even have to deal with being the focus of attention wherever you are, this makes us aware of any eventuality that is presented, the woven shoes are practical to carry anywhere because they do not take up much space, there are models open for sunny days and covered models for when it is cold, you can also find thousands of designs even customized! Make your baby feel so comfortable that he does not even feel it!

Knitted shoes are also easy to wash

When you are a mother you understand the importance of time; Due to your curiosity and your learning, your baby will get used to getting dirty quickly, and therefore, you should try to get a back-up of clean clothes even faster. Knitted shoes are easy to wash, do not need excess soap and can easily get into the dryer.

Babies love comfort!

During the first months of his life, everything is a novelty for them; any sensation of discomfort translates into crying and rejection, the woven clothes are usually comfortable and comfortable for your little body, it never hurts to have four or five pieces of clothes of this type.

We have already given you good reasons why the choice of woven shoes can be a great idea when choosing your shoes, but beware, there are several aspects that you should take into account when buying your woven shoes:

  • Always buy clothes a little bigger than their size, due to its growth you lose the shoes with the passing of the weeks.
  • If they have laces they must be double knot, we do not want that in the middle of the street or an event it falls down and I lost one of the shoes.
  • Although the shoes are made by noble fabrics, the heel and the toes of your feet need to be a little more reinforced to avoid bad blows.
  • The best time of the day to buy shoes for your baby is in the afternoon;
  • When you try on the baby’s shoes, try to stop it so you really check if the shoe reaches the heel, so you will avoid wasting money.

After reading these recommendations you can go to stores and go crazy in buying woven shoes, whatever model you choose, remember that the important thing is to provide comfort and safety during your first steps and so you can enjoy watching your baby grow healthy and happy.

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