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How many times have you wanted to change your look but do not dare for fear that the style chosen not you feel good? Well, you do not grieve, you can encourage a radical change in your image safely obviously having checked the result with an online application that shows you how’ll be.

Technology makes our lives at every moment, and in terms of fashion and style is also at the forefront. Whether from your computer or through your Smartphone, you can use applications that predict how you have left this or that haircut, color or make simple but effective way.
It is a free app that is available in the markets of IOS
In this post we will look at some of the applications most used by women around the world, I invite you to discover them!

App makeover for Smartphone: Hairstyle Makeover

It is a free Makeup App that is available in the markets of IOS. To use it you have to take a photo of the face looking straight ahead and then load the server to try different hair styles.

The Makeup App has different hairstyles and colors, and lets you make changes manually to adapt even more style to your face.

Makeup App

This is an app for Android and iOS, the methodology is the same, you have your photo taken looking straight ahead and upload it to the server. Then you can try different makeup styles to find one that best fits you.

This application also has the looks of the famous and some hairstyles. A complete change!

Hair Color

This application does is try different shades of hair on your photo. It has a natural color palette as other artificial and bold.

Besides color, also it has the added reflections or highlights, and allows a comparison between before and after your look. As Pearl, it offers accessories that match the look chosen, and the photo can be shared on social networks.
available in the market of Android and IOS.

App lolok change from your computer

Taaz :
It is a page that allows you to upload a photo and try it different colors and hairstyles and makeup.

It also allows filtering depending on the brand or product price, and on completion of the makeover, it shows you what products were used so you can purchase them.

Happyhair :
This page works the same way, you have to upload a photo to the server and then test between different options of possible hairstyles.

The difference with the previous one, is that Happyhair can also change the color of the skin, eyes, face shape, body, etc.

Dailymakeover :
It is an online program that allows a hair makeover on your photo. You can opt for celebrity hairstyles as conventional styles, makeup and accessories.

UK hairdressers :
The site offers the looks of celebrities to test your image. The methodology is the same, upload a photo, detect the shape of the face and make a comparison with the famous who share the same characteristics.

You can also change the haircut and test bridal hairstyles.

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