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The Christmas period is beginning to bring more and more joy around the corner and now it is high time to start thinking about gifts.


For this reason, today we talk about Angel Collector Superstars, a bottle of perfume that will leave your mouth open or your loved one, your friend or acquaintance.

This is a bottle of perfume, the result of careful stylistic research, carried out in a limited edition of only 100 copies.

Its style, in fact, is nothing short of unique, with a sculpted body and a game of shapes and colors that catch your attention, thanks to the high brightness, given by the setting of more than 250 Swarovski crystals.

The fragrance bottle in this collection, moreover, is no exception, with an essence available according to taste, with a huge choice.

The price is $ 3000 per bottle.Angel Collector Superstar limited edition perfume bottle with Swarovski crystals

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