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The extensions to the hair manes recreate plentiful, with lots of volume and plasticity, and give you the possibility to choose the length of hair that you please. If properly applied, the difference between the own hair and the extensions is imperceptible, hence before venturing into these methods of beauty some doubts about how long the applique, how to perform and how they should care for good conservation. Here are all the things what you consider and what are the best options when thinking about hair extensions.

What care giving for hair extensions

The first question is whether sconces hair extensions must be of natural or synthetic hair. On this issue, the choice is unanimous the natural hair. The results with natural hair extensions always give a realistic look, especially over time as they keep better, they can comb smoothly and look healthier.


How are natural hair extensions?

The most common method is that employing keratin. Keratin is a substance found naturally in the hair, being responsible for the homogeneity and strength of the strands. The merger between the strands of hair extensions and is itself carried out by forceps which seal the junction to the root of the hair using heat.


How to select the quality and quantity of extensions applied?

The selection must be made by the stylist, who will look for those extensions that share the same texture and density characteristic of each. With regard to quantity, this varies the volume to be acquired. Usually the minimum is 50, but if you give more body typically required an average of between 100 and 200 extensions.


What is the duration of the appliques for hair extensions?

The duration is measured by the biological time of hair growth. It states that it grows two inches every six months, so that culminated retouching is needed in this period. However, it can be removed at any time, without risk to the health of hair.


Can extensions be palpable to the touch?

The joints between the own hair extensions only noticeable if you touch the hair roots. In any case, if the idea is that they pass quite unnoticed, it is best to use the sealing technique for ultrasound.


What care giving for hair extensions?

The extensions can be dyed, cut and wash normally. The only care to consider are:

  • No oil products applied on the keratin.
  • Do not use masks or cream baths, only shampoo.
  • Comb with wide tooth combs.
  • Untangling with care.
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