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It is important that you know how to achieve a natural makeup without leaving aside to eliminate it at night with the help of specialized products to care for your skin. It is only necessary that you set aside a few minutes, so that you can get a radiant, fresh, natural and without any imperfection. Taking these tips into account you will have a natural look.

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Cleansing your face, eliminating all kinds of impurities, or any remains of makeup you can have on your face. For this, you can wash your face with acclimated water, or if you prefer to use specialized products to clean your face, keeping in mind that it is for your skin type.

Apply with a cotton tonic for your skin type and that way you will cause your pores to close, giving a much smoother look to your skin and preparing it to apply the necessary makeup.

Choose the colors that you will use for the foundation of makeup , corrector and compact powders, which are the most similar to your skin tone. For this way you can prevent too much notice the makeup, avoiding at all costs the appearance of the famous mask , which at the time of having a different color in the neck with the face.

Apply corrector only in areas that are necessary, such as dark circles, granites and scars. Remember to apply a few drops of corrector and then blending a bit with the help of a brush or your fingers, so that when you can apply the powders or the base do not have thicker points. If you have bags under your eyes, you should not apply the concealer, as this makes them notice even more.

If you use base, you should do it evenly, without using too much product, removed any thick layer that may appear, because this what it does is subtract the naturalness of your face.

Apply makeup powders without using too much product, because the idea is that you see yourself as natural as possible.

Apply shades in lighter tones in your eyes and completely eliminate the use of an eyeliner, but if you have gotten used to using it, you can use it in brown tone , blurred with the help of a brush.

The secret lies in the mascara, because it is an essential tip. Being important for your eyes to look natural, you should apply one or two layers, either in the upper or lower part of your eyes.

Blush on your cheeks, but only little so you can see with life. You must keep in mind not to use very dark colors, so that you can blur them well, without losing the naturalness.

Let your lips have the least possible shine or use very striking colors, because what you will get is to lose the naturalness that you are looking for, remembering that what you are looking for is that you look like you are not in makeup even if you are.

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