Wise tips to look young at any age

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Every age has its charm, its seal. Gone are the misconceptions about over the years: age is not something that one has something to hide or be ashamed of, on the contrary, age enrich you, give you wisdom and understanding of this complex world. On the other hand, it was far too the image of the lady who buys her clothes, accessories and footwear, antiques specially arranged for them. Today, women tend to the fulfillment at any age: the generational differences are attenuated and fed off each others experiences.

Free your hair free your mind

So do not deprive yourself of seeing lovely ever, so you are 40, 55, 60 or 100 years. Shake your curlers and go to the hairdresser, start a balanced diet, choose clothing textures novel uses modern colors, fun prints, enjoy your body. In a word, follow these wise tips and drinks from the fountain of youth.


Free your hair, free your mind

So reads a famous phrase spoken by none other than Yoko Ono. With gray hair or not, it is important to be comfortable without losing elegance. Within the proposal of the fashion 2012 for the hair, some looks are inevitably aging:

Hair tied back and high front: this style enhances the look, clear forehead and brings harmony to the whole.

Short Hair: for either of two options-the curls or straight, essentially for the energy flow and achieve a young look is movement.

Outfits to seduce way of dressing

For ever colors

No color contraindicated for any age. Like purple, orange, turquoise, moss green, mustard? Are all the fashion colors for this winter, vibrant colors, very saturated with ethnic details, present not only in clothing but in the many bracelets, necklaces and rings wild, exotic and extremely elegant.


Outfits to seduce

It is true that over the years one has its own way of dressing so much attention is no longer fashionable. However, this issue does not become tight classicism that eventually deprive us choose some clothes ideal for ourselves cheerful:

Skirts to the ground: allow to feel contained while they look spectacular with its floral prints, stripes, or smooth. As shown, the white smock complements these flowers red as suggestive.

Healthy food

Changing eating habits is a wise bet to hyper renewed and rejuvenated look. Incorporate recipes with cereal, nuts, whole grains, olive oil, vegetables and fruits amounts to help the body fight free radicals that oxidize cells.

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