Where to wear red shoes?

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I love the red heels. I seem divine. But I tell you something? I never dared to buy a pair because they knew how to combine them.

The red is a strong color, bold and full of character: clearly, a bad choice can lead us to look ridiculous. So, almost always end up choosing black shoes because they go with everything and they say there is a chance for an animated and red.

How to wear red shoes

Well, I think the opportunity has come, because the following fashion tips that I learned I learned how to combine red shoes. I share with you below to encourage us to use them! And if you already are an old user of red shoes, tell your secrets to show off to perfection.

Using red shoes with Dark garments: To get started and playing it safe, you can use your red shoes with jeans, pants or skirts dark, like black or navy, because they are much more elegant. Combine them with lighter colored pants too highlights the red shoes and your look can be misplaced.

Neutral colors: For your shirts or muscular lean for neutral colors to balance the power of red, such as black, white or gray. They can also look good pastel colors or pale colors like baby pink, blue or yellow duckling, which are super delicate and feminine colors. One of your favorite looks? The look navy or marine style, you can achieve with a blue skirt, white shirt and obviously red shoes.

An animal print clothing: Yes, a couple played red heels are super-sexy if combined with a piece of animal print. The red-animal print combination is simply explosive, Feel like?

Where NOT to wear red shoes:

We have already cleared some doubts about how to combine red shoes. Now I tell you how NOT to combine these less flattering options.

C strong odors: Never combine red shoes with fuchsia pants, fluorescent green, neon yellow or any range of vibrant colors. Forget the neon trend if you wear red shoes. Would you like to look like a neon sign? If there is no option to wear a colorful shirt, dark trousers balances.

T-shirts and red pants: If you wear red heels striking, Imagine wearing totally green! Look like the devil himself! Dress 100% monochromatic (except white and black) is a big NO in fashion.

C green odor: Green and red are not good, but you want to look like a pixie.

And now, Do you feel safer to wear red shoes? I hope these fashion tips and you will have served anirmarte the heels of the color of passion.

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