What’s next in fashion for spring-summer 2011/2012

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It brings the warmth in the southern hemisphere and we are already seeing signs of the trends in fashion. It’s time to get ready to wear cool clothes, colorful and comfortable.

What’s next in fashion for spring-summer 20112012

In fact, the fashion spring- summer of 2011/2012 is the freshness and comfort, without losing the glamor and sensuality.


What is to be used in next season?

In the ongoing Fashion Week we see the styles: clothing minimalist, very basic, very light and thin fabrics. Color: white, printing more and more freshness and sensuality. Can use other colors, but always in light colors that complement well with the white spring.

If we talk about clothes, it is the maxi skirt, with lots of fall and with cuts that make good turns. Very large type V necklines with soft lace, embroidery and lace are also fashionable. This spring-summer  points to the sensuality and nothing more seductive than insinuate, rather than display. Freshness, naturalness and feeling comfortable with the same weapons are very seductive and it also points out this collection.

This concept is also reflected in the trends for Spring-Summer 2011/2012. One of the most famous brands in the country Ona Saez, has skinny jeans for this season that enhance the female figure. What with you? the color of the season is white, so the firm offers T-shirts and white blouses.

If the target or you do not like you think bit cheerful. Many designers, following the proposed European vivid colors, bright and flashy but always respecting the slogan for this season: the comfort and ease. That is why the clothes abound with broad cuts to loose to allow women to move freely and show their skills sensuality.

Forget the black, gray, blue and brown and started to revive your wardrobe with the colors white llamtivos and eternal spring.

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