What is the treatment of acne on the face?

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The Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands that can have multiple causes. It is a very common during puberty and during adolescence due to hormonal changes that occur at this age but also occurs frequently in adults.

What is the treatment of acne on the face

Acne on the face can be very annoying for aesthetic reasons. But there are more and more effective treatment of acne to remove or make scars that may remain after passing become less noticeable. In this article, we will help you learn different techniques and treatment of acne to remove acne permanently.

Fight acne of the face with a proper diet

Since acne is basically grease, the best you can do to start your treatment of acne is a fat-free diet (which also will help improve the figure). You should avoid foods such as meats, butter, fried foods, fatty meats, chocolate and foods fried or sautéed, i.e., any food that has been cooked in oil, such as onions often used for sauces.

Fight acne on the face with a good facial

To remove the fat from the face, you can use lotions specially developed to remove the acne that are of good quality and brand. A tip to know if they will be effective is to make sure they contain salicylic acid or sodium sulfacetamide, which are very effective agents to remove the oiliness of the skin in profound ways. Remember to clean the face of a habit of at least twice a day since perspiration and dirt from the environment, especially in the city, can make acne worse enough.

Combat facial acne while you sleep

Since you spend at least six hours per day sleeping, you can do to combat the annoying facial acne. Remember to clean your face thoroughly with soap before bed , and you will bring all the dirt of the day. Then dry your skin gently so as not to create lesions that open the pores and allow more greasiness staying. To sleep, you change your sheets regularly as host the oiliness of your skin from the previous days.

Fight stains left by acne on the face

If you have acne scars from previous outbreaks, you should consult a dermatologist, and you will require special treatment of acne to remove them or have them no longer visible. There dermabrasion treatment of acne, consisting of wearing down the surface of the skin that was damaged or laser, to regenerate the upper and middle layer of facial skin.

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