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The bread is one of the most popular foods in the world but is one of the most questionable in weight loss diets. This food prepared with different flours has a caloric and carbohydrate that deserves to be analyzed to establish really, if possible incorporate bread in the diet.

The bread on weight loss diets

The bread is very bad press when dieting to lose weight, so it is interesting to know how true is this. The bread is a food that is allowed in a diet to lose weight, not only scientific research that they endorse, but also its chemical composition allows it.

There are different types of breads and while its calorific value is similar, what changes is its chemical composition and glycemic index. The latter is very important to determine which bread is best to incorporate into the diet.

The glycemic index or GI is a very important value because it serves to quantify, how much can increase blood glucose after consumption of a food. This data is very important as part of that glucose can be converted into fat and deposited in the body.

In the case of bread, the glycemic index varies according to their chemical composition.

  • French-style white bread has a GI of 70
  • Rye bread (30% rye) has a GI of 65.
  • Arabic bread has a GI of 57
  • Quinoa Bread (65% of quinoa) has a GI of 50
  • Toasted whole wheat bread has a GI of 45
  • 100% whole wheat bread has a GI of 40
  • Sprouted grain bread has a GI of 35

If you consider these values, the bread can and should be incorporated into the diet to lose weight because of properties that allows it, but it is important to select the bread with low GI.

Ideally, add the bread at breakfast, as the energy provided will help you perform daily activities, but can also consume it in the main meals at a proper portion, taking into account their caloric value in total calories from the diet.

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