Ultherapy, focused ultrasound treatment for sagging facial

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Aesthetic treatments for the face are many, but with good results and approved by all health, far fewer rules. Tighten the skin in one session is possible thanks to a new system that is already rage among celebrities and working on flaccidity face, neck and chest .

Throughout the year you can do and is painless, really leaving rejuvenated face thanks to this focused ultrasound.

Through located ultrasound generating new collagen from the lower layers of the skin
Tensar without stretching is the key to Ultherapy, the only procedure non-surgical , non-invasive that uses ultrasound and the natural process of regeneration of collagen to lift and tighten loose skin on the eyebrows, eyelids, neck, jowls and neckline. This is the definition that promote their creators that have implemented first in the US and now available throughout Latin America.

It is effective and above all safe as it is of the few procedures endorsed by the FDA because it only uses ultrasonic energy which is safe and reliable.

How does Ultherapy

Through located ultrasound generating new collagen from the lower layers of the skin, the area is normally a lifting, but without creating any injury stimulates epidermis. Ultrasound is only acting to tighten loose or sagging skin on the neck, eyebrows, jowls or neck. And as it is non-surgical, outpatient, requires no recovery. Its effectiveness is based on that specifically the lower layers of the skin without cutting or damaging the epidermis. As used ultrasound imaging (similar to an ultrasound) allows you to see the different layers of tissue to be treated during the session, ensuring that they work precisely where it will be most effective.

Benefits and results Ultherapy

The effect of ultrasound is aimed at generating new collagen over time with the idea that progressively improves skin tone. Ultheraphy not use foreign substances, or cause radical changes, rather it is a healthy internal reconstruction that has immediate, durable and above all, natural effect. The results will become increasingly visible over 2 to 3 months. Never the results of surgery will feel, so it is an excellent alternative for those patients who are not ready or do not want a surgical intervention.

Finally it should be noted that the session is 60-90 minutes in the office, and then you can continue with your daily routine. Instantly it notices a change, but the natural process of creating new and more elastic collagen occurs over time with the passing of the months. It is as if one exercised skin to become firmer.

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