Type of physical activity for every body type

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The physical Constitution plays an important role in our sports development. It is important to know the kind of body we have to know our limitations and be realistic when working out, as not all are equal.

There are different body types, and therefore we have to know the characteristics of each of them to know what is best done at the time to train for optimum results.

Type of physical activity for every body type

The physical Constitution is something that we inherited from our parents, it is a genetic issue that we can just modify, because our body has a predisposition or another.

This concept was pioneered by William H. Sheldon in the 40s and is still used today. The difference between these body types is their ability to cumulate fat and build muscle. While it is true that according to this classification there are three types of bodies in reality some people have a mixture of them. All types of body can store fat, the know helps you plan your routine exercises .

Bodies ectomorph

They have long arms and legs and short torso. The feet and hands are long and thin and tend to be thin store little fat and lean muscles. Exercises ectomorph bodies are their priority is to gain lean muscle in some cases to gain muscle and weight. They benefit from training with heavy weight and low repetitions. They struggle to develop their muscles. These people need more strength training to tone the body that exercise cardio to burn fat. They also usually have to eat more.

Bodies mesomorphs

They have a muscular structure solid with long torso and chest developed. Tend to be strong. Exercises Mesomorphs. This type of body gain muscle very easily. A balanced exercise program is ideal for these bodies exercise should include weight training, cardiovascular exercises like yoga and Pilates to lengthen muscles and toned. These bodies are most desired by bodybuilders.

Bodies endomorphs

These bodies tend to accumulate fat, rounded hips, the face is round with little muscle and short neck. Exercises Endomorphs These bodies store fat and are very difficult to develop muscles. It is important to eat healthily and do cardiovascular exercise like running, walking, aerobics, cycling and so on. to burn stored fat. At the same time it is important to have a routine of muscle to build muscle. In muscle is preferable to do many repetitions of each exercise with light weight, super sets or circuits.

It is important that before going to the gym we carefully analyze and determine the type of constitution we have, since the workouts are not the same for some people than for others. Knowing what you want and what we can accomplish is important to achieve our goals.

We must not forget that our body has its limitations and not everyone can make a magazine cover, but with hard work and proper diet we can achieve our goal either lose weight, turning the body and achieve that look sleek and sexy that any man and woman wants.

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