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Did you have done a bad cut hair? Do not despair, that although the hair takes longer time to grow, there are some tricks to help you hide. Today I share some professional tips to cope with the consequences of a bad haircut and avoid having to bring your hair back to the scissors.

The hair was very short

The quick fix is to use the iron. Heat will stretch and straighten the hair, giving the illusion of more length, but if you are desperate for a few more inches and do not mind spending money try hair extensions clip.

The cut has many layers

If you wanted a gradual change that gives the hair more movement but as a result your hair with choppy layers was very short and rude do not despair, you can fix it.

One trick to hide the bad haircut is waving hair ends up or your face, you can also use a headband or clip hair camouflage these layers, and if you want to see a full of hair collected.

Another way to hide hair this is to work with a product for volume setting on the crown and securing with hairpins uncut layers.

use a headband or clip hair camouflage these layers, and if you want to see a full of hair collected

The fringe is so short that rises

In this case the hair accessories are the solution. Use hairpins to secure the bangs, used tiaras or turbans.
Another way to improve the appearance of the fringe is blow dry from above and while hair is still warm, use your hand to hold it flat on the front for a few seconds.

When the cut was not symmetrical

If one side of your hair was longer than the other, but you have not asked your stylist asymmetrical cut, resists the temptation to take the scissors yourself.

Call salon beauty and requests an appointment for you to fix the bad cut, and in the meantime try not to straighten hair as this highlights the irregularities. If you do not have natural waves, create them with a curling iron to conceal imperfections.

Besides these tips, there is another alternative… let hair grow.

The hair grows back and although it takes time, there are ways you can speed up the process.

Prenatal Vitamins: take one every day, these vitamins will help your hair to grow more strongly and quickly.

Nioxin: is a treatment for the scalp, and one of its side effects is to improve hair growth. This product comes in shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatments, and in the form of vitamins.

Do not use heat styling: Whenever possible I avoid using the dryer and hair straightener or curler, and every time you should do it protects your hair with a heat protection spray. The less damage to the hair you sometimes, less likely to break will recover faster and the length of your hair.

For other ways and natural products to make hair grow faster, visit this page.

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