Trends in haircuts and hairstyles of 2012

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Looking for a change of look and still be the fashion? The hair trends of 2012 offer different alternatives for the most varied tastes and styles of hair, always glamorous style that make you look very elegant or as a celebrity.
Your hair says all for you, follow these trends in hair style to looks nice. Long hair, short, straight and gently undulating have their place within the finer shades and natural good looks. Do not get out of fashion: go your way and follow the advice of experts who set the trend for this year.

Trends in haircuts and hairstyles

Straight short haircuts

Undoubtedly, short hair is the star of this whole year, with the largest variety of style, and in some cases it bold. If you dare to wear short hair, you can use the most daring hairstyles female and well used this year. The shorts will be most watched over his shoulder but there will also be very short with bangs, even covering of the face. The pixie cut will also have its presence and if you are motivated and have a thin face, you look great.

Trends in haircuts and hairstyles

Short haircuts curly or wavy

Curls and waves will be in different layers with long asymmetric and most played. The result is a bold and sexy look but also the most glamorous, with streaks on the face of the most delicate. Dare to wear your short curls and some waves, one of the most important trends for this 2012.

Long straight hairstyles

For straight hair, courts continue to be long, with bangs or side. You will also see some cuts with no bangs parted in the middle, so simple but also very elegant and somewhat romantic. Some long hairstyles can be seen together with layered bangs, the best option for already bored with her bangs but still want to take advantage of the youthful gives them. The bangs in this case should not be too thick.

Trends in haircuts and hairstyles

For long hair wavy or curly

The gentle waves are the most marked trend of this year. It seeks to give some volume but always soft and delicate.


You will see colors more natural as the whole range of brown and red. The artificial blond and very clear reflections remain in the background.

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