Trending winter dress for office and working place

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The arrival of cold and choose the clothes to go to work is complicated, because you have to find a balance between being comfortable, elegant and warm. But do not despair: with some basic clothes and learning to combine intelligently, you can get by each day. Beyond a good coat, you have to consider each item as either inside the office has to suffer the cold. TrendingFashions provides some ideas that some items from wildcards, you can build your outfits according to the occasion and your personal taste, to go to winter work in style.

Trending winter dress

Keep in mind that there is often too warm to leave the street but you have to work within the power comfortably. To the top, you can use a top with long sleeves that narrow at the wrists, or to be more elegant, a silk blouse or other fine material pinned to the wrists, and the important thing is to not let you between the cold air. The white shirts are infallible, but you can also opt for one with discrete patterns in fashionable colors. A smooth sweater goes great with anything, may be neckline or turtleneck.

If you go with pants, you can use tights underneath, which are not marked or you get fat. If you are tired of black pants (which also are messy) gray pants are just combined it all. If you go with skirt, you should opt for thicker socks, but beware, it is not tasteful lead patterned stockings, puffs or bright colors. Black or blue skirts are a must, to stop seeing the knees but not too short. They can be pencil skirts, blouses ideal to combine with, or flared for a look more youthful.

Remeritas jerseys or tissues are very current this year, can be high collar and sleeveless, with a nice shirt underneath, or long sleeves with some cleavage. The important thing is to stay not covered as a grandmother.

The blazer is the quintessential piece of office, and the best is its versatility. The ideal is to have several different styles to change the combinations. One color black is essential, as it is elegant and, above all, combined with absolutely anything. For a serious look and cosmopolitan, the best is the total black, but not every day. Combining it with bright colors for a modern look, with red for a super-feminine style. The white has the same qualities. Although most often associated with summer, do not discard it in the cold season and will achieve a more luminous. Other colors can be basic red and blue. This year the pastel colors are very current, and blazers in shades of pink, green or lavender water can be perfect.

For a more casual look, you can combine any of these blazers with jeans, especially skinny model type. With the knee skirt and shirt for a little more serious style, and pantsuit for situations more formal. The velvet blazer are exclusively for cold days and are very elegant. Alternatively, very stylish, but slightly more expensive, are the tweed jackets. This winter, as are the top printed with houndstooth.

Trending winter dress for office Looks

Trending winter dress for office Looks

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