Treatment with keratin to repair hair, add shine and health

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Who does not dream of these manes of advertisements from time to time, by having smooth, shiny and manageable hair, with the wind like a flag flapping above us, dazzling all eyes. The keratin-based treatments are the effect of a shock of light and repair the hair. For those who are planning a summer of too much water and sun, these therapies act guaranteeing a spectacular hair during the summer, you can repeat the treatment in the fall too, to repair damage.


There are two types of keratin, that of hair and nails and the skin

There are two types of keratin, that of hair and nails and the skin. The concerns us here, the hair is called “hard”. It is a protein that unfolds in a process of macro-and microfibrils.


The latter are in the interior of the strand, protected by the outer film of the same substance. What makes hair look good is the internal cells, which are renewed out. A healthy hair is one whose outer layers, dead cells, are strong and resilient, allowing cell renewal.


Benefits of treatment with keratin

The hair damage occurs when the cuticles are opened preventing the renewal. This results in loss of hair, frizz, split ends, hair unmanageable, difficult to comb, opacity. With an application of keratin can achieve:

  • Nourish your hair by applying the extra protein you need.
  • Repair tips and return shine.
  • Get a natural smooth frizz fighting.


What is restorative treatment

The composition of these products with keratin is controversial. You must be careful not to use anything that contains formaldehyde, but only natural substances such as:

  • Keratin chocolate extract
  • Apple cell keratin


After application and before the next wash, you must wait at least three days, avoiding where possible to manipulate it, comb it, use buckles or fasteners. After this time back with your hairdresser to wash and apply fasteners gases and dry out. The result is immediate, the hair will be repaired for five to six months.

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