A dress for everyone: Top-up with style

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All women are not made with exactly the same tastes, much less with the same body. So you must be very careful to choose dress on that special night, the mirror is your best friend but an “honest” second opinion does not hurt. Leave aside the complex and hard to read these tips that we bring to conceal those details that keep you up to now get the perfect dress.

If you want to be more noticeable your curves, you’ll look a little more voluptuous in a dress, but not tight, with beautiful cloth that wrap your figure. Another option would be an A-line skirt that gives the impression of having nice curves, but also help to accentuate your slim figure. Strapless dresses tend to make the shoulder area and neck appear even flatter.

prom dresses with hidden necklines are ideal to hide details

If you want to downplay your hips, choose prom dresses or long skirt suits that make you look thinner waist and your hips dissimulate. Avoid any style that is tight or has V-neck, because the eyes deviate downward making the hip area appear larger.

If you want to minimize the bust, again, strictly avoid wearing V-necks and looking for those with halter style sweetheart neckline, U neck or because they are necklines that will help to accentuate the shoulders and minimize biggest drop lines. Also stay away from dresses covered ornaments as they tend to make the chest look bigger and “uncomfortable” velvet fabrics, taffeta and organza.

If you want to hide your backside, avoid anything in the material that adheres to your skin or wear uncomfortable dresses to be very tight to your silhouette instead choose dresses long skirts and dresses that will help you hide your bottom and hip, if necessary. Dressed in tight bodices that are also perfect for creating the hourglass figure.

If you want to show off your figure, prom dresses with hidden necklines are ideal to hide details and accentuate your silhouette sporting a shapely waist and moderate details that highlight the bust line.

But if you want to see more high, stay away from the outrageously high dresses. Choose colors like black, dark blue, forest green and chocolate will help you look thinner and therefore higher. It is a fact that being thin makes you look taller. Unfortunately, not all are as thin as we would like so this is a great option. Then opt for darker colors to add height to your appearance.

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