Tips to rejuvenate the smile

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Top Tips to Improve and rejuvenate Your Smile
Over the years it is felt on the lips. But having a younger mouth is not something that is impossible because, fortunately and as we always say, there is makeup that is a perfect ally to rejuvenate the smile when used well. And, how should you do it? Here we give you some tricks to get it.


The softness is essential to make lips look younger. In addition to applying cocoa, vaseline or some lip balm to moisturize them and make them softer, it is also possible to gain in hydration another type of product that can be made at home. This mixture is made with a few drops of olive oil and sugar . Its application is once a week with the help of a toothbrush or similar so that the sugar granites can exfoliate and the oil moisturize and nourish the lips. To spread the product well circular movements are made.

Commissionaires of the lips

The age of the people is also noticeable at the corners of the lips . A good trick to solve it is to cover the corners of the mouth with the makeup background to be able to delineate the mouth. With the help of the pencil you can make the corners with ascending stroke to rejuvenate the mouth. The final touch is put with a little clarito corrector to provide brightness in the area and prevent the area is more shaded.


Another problem that remains youth to the mouth is the so-called bar code or vertical wrinkles . The trick to solve it is to use light colored lipsticks and satin finish so that they are as natural as possible and the mouth seems juicy. It is always advisable to avoid dark tones and matt colors.

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