Tips for keeping hair color longer

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You must not fail to consider also that summer is approaching and that the effect of prolonged exposure to sun, sea water or the pool, the wind, among others, enhances the negative effect of chemicals on the hair, so take care of exposure to water, one of the greatest enemies of hair dye.


Therefore it is important to always choose a specific shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, which will do much to prolong the color intensity. Its special formulation capar actions to conserve protective fibers.


Tips for keeping your hair color longer


Once a week Realize a mask or treatment that hydrates and nourishes in depth, is the motto of the dyed hair care.


Use the summer to take a look more natural, unstructured, save the irons, and hairdryers bucleras to fall. A bit of styling cream is all you need, and step proteges your hair even more.


In this sense, the product you choose to shape your hair – styling cream, wax or oil – it should have a UV filter to prevent solar radiation alter the color and your hair drying out by others.


If you go to the pool or beach, placed in a protective tips specific UV filter – in the market there are several – and even better if you use caps or headscarves.


Other tips to dye your hair without die trying, is to avoid a too radical change color if you have a tendency to frizz, as only the roots need to fine tune when you return to the salon.


While washing the color gradually deteriorate, does not mean you can not have your head clean. Again, it is important to choose a good shampoo and conditioner line, if necessary investments are going to change color. So you can wash your hair when you need it, but of course, without exaggeration.


Finally, while it’s hot not to abuse it buckles, pins and rubber that will eventually hurt the threads and leave marks.

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