Basics things for an elegant look

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The elegance is something that should not be lacking in a woman. An elegant femme always going to stand out and draw attention even if it is dressed in clothes of last season or the best designers.

And something is very important to know, elegance does not depend on the value of the clothes you wear or the brand rather elegance is mostly a matter of attitude, good taste to combine garments and style.

In this post we share with you the basic secrets that will help you achieve elegance in your personality.

Clothing, accessories and elegant styling

Wear clothes that make you look good. Always buy clothes in your size, do not wear clothes that are too small for the longing to be thinner because instead end up seeing anyway, that will surely make you less elegant.

Use items that have a certain timeless quality. You can wear whatever you want as long as it is a look that has not dated, unless the style you wear identifies you as Jackie Onassis identified by her vintage dresses, after a style marked.

Hair is part of the image. It takes a cut, color and styling is flattering you do not necessarily have to be the latest trend in hair, but the style that compliments your face type, skin tone and body shape.

elegant look

Combine properly. Clothing and accessories must have some relation to an impeccable and elegant note colors as the textures of the fabrics.

Wear clothes that highlight your strengths and hide your flaws, but if you are not sure what your best attributes go for a simple black dress to the knee with black shoes, this is something that looks good on almost any body type.

Always try to use any kind of makeup, not exaggerating, but enough to correct imperfections and highlight the virtues. You cannot miss the concealer, makeup base and mascara.

As for the jewelry, chooses to match your look but be aware that a lot of jewelry together never help to create an elegant look, as well as many piercings and earrings in the ears.

Finally always stand right and walk with your head up, smiles sweetly and sure of yourself show yourself these details are key for people to see you as an elegant and refined woman. It’s all about attitude!

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