The striped look, stripes never go out of fashion

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The striped look is a timeless trend, stripes never go out of style and at certain times of the year its implementation in the design is enhanced, as happens in the summer.
The look striped, stripes never go out of fashion
Every woman has to have occasional striped garment. They are all basic clothes wardrobe because they are worth in any context because they have style, glamorous and extremely versatile.
The rays have evolved over the years, they went from two-color and characteristics of beach style, to be colorful and flood the catwalk dressed as everything from the collections of the most famous names in the world of fashion. Today we have become the cool print that leaves its mark in casual looks as well as more top garments of the season.
Its use has essentially no defined rules, but some details are:
The stripes should be combined with a plain garment, never with stripes or other patterns.
If you choose to refine the silhouette vertical stripes, however if you have nothing to hide you can freely use the horizontal.

Basic clothing lines
Dressed in striped
They are a basic that you can use both winter and summer, the only thing changing is the color q as in the summer must be of a more lively tone. Are divine with sandals or boots and always have to be combined with accessories of solid colors.
As far as cuts, can be long or short waisted, tight or sueltitos with plunging necklines or strapless.

Lace stripes
These items are no longer casual and are more suitable for special occasions, usually you can find blouses and dresses in white, black or raw Yaras lace combined with the same tone.

Striped Puper
A classic a year ago, the stripes are Puper boom time can be combined with any constricting jewelry neutral color and smooth.

Striped shirt
The striped shirts in vertical preference because they feel better, are a classic that never gets old, the only variations are the color and thickness of the lines.

Striped sweaters
Winter or processed into yarn for cool summer nights are a basic that you should not miss in your closet.

Stripes with some flowers
This last year was a fairly particular clothing with stripes and some flowers as a decoration.

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