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We can rejuvenate and increase the volume of the lips with the Lip Lift, the best ally to achieve plump, plump and juicy lips.
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Thick, full lips are looking more and more trending. In magazines, movies, on television and even in public figures; More and more women and men dream of wearing thick, voluminous, sensual, soft and hydrated lips that enhance our smile and create harmony on our faces.


Aesthetic Medicine is constantly evolving and with it also evolve and improve all the treatments that are performed. Fashions are not exclusive to clothing or decoration; We also find trends in the world of aesthetics, and at this moment, having very thick lips is.


According to the Medical Option Clinic, the great news is that to show off large lips, it is not necessary to undergo surgery as, thanks to Aesthetic Medicine, we can rejuvenate and increase the volume of the lips with the Lip Lift, the best ally to achieve voluminous lips. , meaty and juicy.

Thick and plump lips look more and more trending

But what is it? It is an innovative and simple Aesthetic Medicine treatment that achieves attractive and sensual lips through a small incision that lifts the upper lip and shortens the filtrum (space between the base of the nose and the upper lip). The result is younger lips, with greater volume and vermilion.

It consists of making a small incision hidden under the bottom of the nose; Next, a resection of the skin of the upper lip is performed in the area where it meets the nose and, finally, it is sutured without being noticed when the healing process has finished. The amount of tissue to be removed will depend on the type of case in question.


After a month of the intervention, a natural result is established due to the decrease in edema and inflation. The scar area repair period usually lasts for one year. In most cases, the scar ends up becoming invisible.

It is a very simple procedure, postoperative care is minimal, but the patient cannot smoke at least two weeks before and four weeks later in order to improve healing. The cures are simple and should always be indicated by the aesthetic doctor after the intervention. It is recommended that you try not to gesture too much so as not to strain the edges of the wound.

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