The Garden of Dolce & Gabbana, Scarlett spring makeup

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Spring is not over yet and there are still many more looks from different brands to discover. On this occasion, D & G once again surprised by their delicate products make spring/summer inspired by the colors of the flowers of the garden, but with modern touches.

The cakes are mixed with poetic translucent shades that reveal the natural skin tone. His muse, Scarlett Johansson, plays to perfection the style sought seductive blend of innocence and fantasy.


The Garden of Dolce Gabbana Scarlett spring makeup


The color of the flowers

All makeup palette brings inspiration in the gardens of Sicily, with its wild flowers and romantic colors.

The idea of this collection is redefining Glamour with a touch sensitive provocative but in contrast to the luxury of D & G. This line of natural beauty and seductive nude takes as a starting point of soft colors like pink.



Makeup palette are available in different shades. The first quartet “Eden” offers pink, blue, green and sand. All very colorful pastel shades that enhance the more romantic and cool at the time, ideal for the day time.

The second is a duet “Romance” imposed by the dark gray and bright silver, which can also be combined with other tones and give it a more glamorous to the eye.

The Garden of Dolce Gabbana Scarlett spring makeup


Love and Romance are the names chosen for these tones to highlight any mouth. Pink and purple are the representatives of the secret garden of the brand.

On a lighter texture, there are glosses, which incorporate a coral tone to highlight the lips.


The Garden of Dolce Gabbana Scarlett spring makeup



The star product in this collection was inspired by Scarlett that gives the skin a natural look, while highlighting the features that illuminates areas of the face. It comes in a cute gold pouch like all products of the collection.



Two original versions: white and purple with a double tip. In a pencil and brush in the other line to blur in the eye.

For nails, iridescent incorporates a version between the brown and gold, with touches of very original gray, long-lasting color that does not lose its luster.

These pieces created by renowned makeup artist makeup Path McGrath, inspired by a palette designed to give endless facets of modern femininity: gentle naked and cold neutral, pastel and pink blush tender. Silver gray accents and soft lilac and pale turquoise. All get a unique look by combining the shadows in thin layers, with a sophisticated light to capture the intimacy of women.

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