The fashion of the 70, the vintage at the forefront

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As the saying goes… good fashion always comes back so it is not to throw it all away, but it is always advisable to keep those things which are still in good condition and are key because you never know when to be useful again.

The fashion of the 70, the vintage at the forefront

For some time, and peak in recent years, the typical 70’s fashion has become very hard to prevail in the closets of women and men today.


There are many brands and designers who have taken the style of those years to translate it into their latest designs, each piece of clothing, accessories, footwear and looks have gone through the merger creating trends, resulting in a modern style mined the essence of what was all the rage in the fashion of yesteryear.

Today is reused everything that our mothers used, the vintage is remarkably imposed on proposals that we see daily in the media, advertising and department store windows are already in design as no.

The clothes of the 70’s psychedelic hippie with its tendency can be seen in the collections of important personalities from the fashion world such as Fendi, Zara, Mango, Marc Jacobs and Primark, among many others.

So if you want to be excluded from this trend notes on the key garments and accessories are a must in your wardrobe:

The fashion of the 70, the vintage at the forefront

High-waisted pants

Besides being typical of the 70, these spacious and comfortable pants outline the feminine silhouette perfectly.

Mini shorts: Shorts ultra-small sequins or colored

Maxi skirts and dresses: These items give off a bohemian eclipsing also are ultra comfortable and feel very well to almost all women.

Geometric patterns, flowers and vibrant colors: Any garment that boasts of being vintage and classic of the era has to have some of these features.

Vests: Jeans and vests of different fabrics and styles are an icon of the time and look great with various styles.

The fashion of the 70, the vintage at the forefront

Seventies Accessories

The fringed leather shoulder straps, large scarves, shoes and always colorful platforms, hats and sun hat and colorful bracelets, braided long hair and earrings complete important colorful look that emulates all the time of the 70’s.

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