The cosmetic comes with photosynthetic bacteria

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Sustainable cosmetics have found an interesting ally in micro algae. Based on the cultivation of cyanobacteria, it has proved to be a successful formula for biodegradable personal care products that are characterized by a high tolerance.

Indeed, some of the great advantages of cosmetic formulations including such bacteria are its great moisturizing power or, for example, minimization of adverse reactions, traditionally a weak point of traditional beauty products.
new Sustainable cosmetic with photosynthetic bacteria successful formula for biodegradable personal care products

Not only conventional cosmetic products, but also those organic formulations that even being bio can also cause adverse reactions. In fact, natural products are also a potential risk as allergens . Not of chemical type, but yes with respect to possible reactions to plants or other ecological ingredients.

Similarly, to avoid such side effects including possible endocrine disruptors pose a clear advantage over artificial creams composition, and the same can be said about its lower environmental impact when cultivation. With the addition that cultivation helps reduce carbon footprint , because the algae it necessary for photosynthesis, and can also be used for the production of biofuels from very different type, such as biodiesel, methane, ethanol or hydrogen.

On the other hand, it also facilitates the cleaning of waste water and many applications. Plus they can be made compatible in the same crop by creating different bio products from that raw material. In addition to producing cyanobacteria for cosmetic or ecological fuels, these ancient microorganisms can generate bio – fertilizers, vitamins , pigments and a large number of compounds used in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Not surprisingly, the manufacture of extracts of high nutritional or therapeutic value are one of its most important developmental pathways. And, of course, depending on your health benefits it may also have a preventive or therapeutic effect.

As disadvantages, being in an incipient moment is not the greatest guarantee to avoid possible adverse effects. While we believe that allergic reactions are minimized, science is still in its infancy with regard to the actual effects that could have your daily consumption.

Perhaps we find ourselves with a very positive scenario, that even exceeds the best expectations or, nobody knows, the opposite could happen. Anyway, science is advancing so quickly discovering new applications and benefits. On the other hand, returning to the positive, they are moisturizing creams especially, since we are facing some microorganisms used to retain a lot of water to survive in harsh environments.

Cultivation of microalgae

And who knows? Perhaps growing at home may be one of the most successful applications. Although there is no doubt that industrial level its profitability and possibilities are immense, also home cultivation is promising.

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