Thalassotherapy: Sea water Therapy For Different Ailments And Algae

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All elements derived from the sea can be used as a therapeutic agent for people who want to be better emotionally, aesthetically or in health. Naturally it can be treated in different ways all over the body with the elements needed for the proper functioning body, some antitumor, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

A very old technique that will survive is called Thalassotherapy or Sea water Therapy, from the Greek name “thalasso” meaning sea and “therapeia” therapy. Its essential feature is to use all the elements provided by the sea as algae, mud, and other marine substances including air or movement of the sea, with the waves (producing a whirlpool effect on the body surface) to treatments.

Since the time of Hippocrates recommended the use of seawater as therapy for some ailments

Since the time of Hippocrates recommended the use of sea water as therapy for some ailments. Even in Egypt also had use of the Nile mud is Romans but the real popularizers of therapy. In the famous Roman Baths is where it all began and was drifting to the use of marine waters.

Modernity brought many more applications combining a tourist attraction, health and spa therapies. Vacation today very common in places where the sea relaxation serves as an alternative but also cure.

Marine Nutritional Components

To use in some therapies sea water is collected over 1000 meters from the shore, is purified and sterilized to ensure the absence of pathogens before application. Because of its temperature, facilitates absorption through the skin of the elements contained in the water (iodine and sodium) producing renewal. Seaweeds: Sea thrive, storing all kinds of substances and being big carriers vitamins A , B, C, E, F and K, plus iron and calcium, protein and minerals. While some also have antibiotic, anticancer, antioxidant, antiviral and delay skin aging. Sea air is saturated microdroplets which is rich in ozone and iodine, with antibiotic properties besides relaxing increases the body’s defenses.

Benefits of thalassotherapy

  • It works as an analgesic, reduces pain in any area.
  • It is indicated for chronic diseases like rheumatism and osteoporosis
  • Used to some post-operative or trauma
  • Support recovery of all respiratory diseases (asthma, pharyngitis)
  • In the muscular system is very suitable for the reduction of edema.
  • A dermatological level, is indicated for the treatment of psoriasis.
  • It also improves the typical problems of menopause and puberty.
  • Ideal for stress, depression, insomnia and fatigue.
  • Aesthetic level functions to improve tissue, sagging, cellulite and slow skin aging.
  • Algae are effective to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Application of therapy

All elements of the marine environment are transmitted through osmosis in the skin of people, either in massage or contact dives. After 7 days of continuous treatment effects can be seen. At first the feeling is tired, but then will be to revitalize as it gives energies very durable.

The way you do the treatments vary, for example with natural sea water, which must be heated to a temperature of between 35 and 37 degree C. The application in this case is made in the form of baths, showers, jets of water, etc. They also serve the physical exercises and movements in the water.

To do this, there are various types of pools, water jets and massaging styles. In the case of other elements to be applied as sludge or algae are used napkins, masks or through massage.

All thalassotherapy application must be supervised by a doctor, because some diseases can not be subjected to them as infectious, allergic, cardiorespiratory problems and hyperthyroidism.

Sea water is an excellent source of health and beauty that can be exploited by anyone, of every age and from any condition.

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