What is stretch marks: causes and treatments

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The grooves are commonly known as scarring occurring in the skin after stretching. Although they do not cause any consequent disorder, it is one of the most annoying inestetisismos for women; after the cellulite of course.
The flutes are formed by rupture of the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis located. When in its formation phase appear in a tone purple red, it is, in these cases, where the treatments that you make to disguise surely succeed but in its advanced stage become whitish.

Home remedies for stretch marks is the application of creams containing collagen

Net edge, folded surface, soft, depressed, straight or undulating form, can have millimeters or centimeters. They can be single or multiple, are generally located in abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, shoulders and breasts.

The fact is that it is a process in which the skin is stretched more than it can naturally generated leaving tissue rupture as a consequence injured skin.

This condition is not unique to women, men also have them sometime, mainly by changes or excessive weight gain muscle mass by lifting weights.

In men, it is very common that stretch marks occur in areas such as the inside of the arms, back and thigh.

Stretch marks are caused by multiple causes, including the most popular means of weight changes. Likewise, also appear in the pregnancy, puberty, convalescence from illness, by treatment with corticosteroids or ACTH, by poor diet, low fluid intake, fitness or physical weight very rushed in the case of adolescents.

While this type of scarring is not removed with the methods known so far, the cosmetic treatments help reduce its size, aesthetically enhance your appearance and keep them from appearing.

Cosmetics created products that allow regenerate damaged tissue, are moisturizing and nourishing creams remedial. These products, when applied with a heat inductor, act by stimulating melanin and accordingly generate a better appearance to mimic the splines make its color with the rest of the skin.

Another option is the combination with mechanical or chemical peel. The exfoliation is achieved which accelerate cellular producing new tissue regeneration, whereby the groove would be diminished.

A standard medical treatment exists called pneumatic microdermabrasion is a device that produces a deep abrasion on the skin, making the restoration of tissue.

A task that is recommended daily at home is the application of creams containing collagen, elastin, vitamin A, rosehips or active ingredient which is a healing and regenerating epithelium.

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