Straight hairstyles style: Care Tips

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Smooth, supple, shiny hair is currently in vogue. But how to style hair smooth, when one’s own hair is curly and fine feather or rough, stubborn and perhaps even?


Straight hairstyles style Care Tips

The right cut for the right hair texture

Requirement is a trendy cut, it can support up to smooth style haircuts. A good option is the low-lying to chin length, slightly layered bob with long fringe at medium thick hair.


Or a short cut with graduated layers with rougher tousled hair. It is also the shoulder-length cut with levels in fine and medium thick hair.


No matter which section they choose, they discuss the matter with her hairdresser and let them advise you on whether this section is recommended for your hair texture.


Often one comes with the perfect hairstyle from the barber shop a few days and is overjoyed, but at the latest after the first wash you stand helplessly before the unruly hair problem.


Straight hairstyles styling with fine, thin hair

To style fine hair into a sleek hairstyle is often very easy. You must not alter the hair structure, it is usually already smooth and styling products should not be overused. By volume products (shampoos and conditioners) and blow dry using a round brush to reach a wonderful smooth styled hairdo.


For greasy hair quickly approach a daily wash with a gentle shampoo is recommended. The finishing can be a hair spray to avoid flying hair.


Straight hairstyles for Medium-thick hair

Medium thick hair is the easiest to handle. You may use a smoothing gels on a paddle brush. If curls or waves are present, they can be removed before using gels with a flat iron. Finally, a little shine spray on it and the styling is finished.


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