Spots on the skin: 10 home remedies to combat them

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After the 30, there have been resolved several things in life; It took many Suns, travel, evening, and entire afternoons in spas, a cigarette, saturated fats, children, Studio, gym, work or legs in high. Ultimately, the 30 it has lived everything.
Spots on the skin 10 home remedies to combat them
The tests tend to be some spots small to appear on the still smooth skin. Here are 10 great tips to remove spots to give back the skin its light.
These home remedies can solve the problem in a natural way, since the alternative clinic usually includes microcirugĂ­as and laser. However, in some cases, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist if the area presents ardor or inconvenience.

Remedies for sun spots
1. Aloe Vera: take a leaf of aloe vera, cut transversely and pass the gelatinous fluid in the area. It is not necessary to use the entire sheet, you can go fractious and stored in the refrigerator. Aloe is renowned for his great healing power in Burns since many years.

2. Elder tea: get sheets of elder in any herbal and simmer two tablespoons for 8 to 10 minutes. When the tea is warm, overlook the English channel. It also serves to implement the whole and boiled leaves in the region. Repeat once a day for a week.

3. Strawberry puree: Add honey, 1 teaspoon, and cream or cream in the same proportion. It is a very refreshing and nutritious recipe to apply for 15 minutes per day.

Remedies for age spots
4. Onion: easy, cut the onion in the middle and get out of there a piece. Rub on the spot a few minutes each day.
5. Yoghurt mask: four tablespoons of yoghurt, lemon juice and – this four is achieved in herboristerĂ­as or in houses naturists – a pinch of ground horseradish root. The paste is applied once a day with cotton, leaving dry a few minutes.

6. Yogurt and egg: used the yolk of an egg, which is added a spoon of yogurt and other honeymoon. Leave stains on for half an hour and wash with plenty of lukewarm water.

Polka dots and spots of pregnancy:
7. Lemon: pass an algodoncito embedded in lemon juice on stains. The citrus allows exfoliate and match the shade of the skin. Caring for the area of the Sun as long as you have applied to lemon.

8. Flowers: Roses boiled for 8 minutes in white wine and Rosemary flowers. Strain the mixture and gently move on stains once warm.
9. Primrose: grind Primrose seeds or applied directly, evening primrose oil in the affected area.
10. Barley: barley boiled for a period of 15 minutes is good to reduce spots and birthmarks. Then strain the preparation with a cloth strainer, use the barley to massage the part affected.

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