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Among the tenets of the diet to lose weight, there are two aspects discussed as key to the ideal weight. While some propose strict diets reduced calorie intake and food is not allowed – at least on a regular basis – other proposed instead to eat everything, but by regulating portions and combinations.

Smart Diet to lose weight eating wisely

Among these principles is the smart diet, which is based on the glycemic index of food and prevents it from going hungry, it is a lifestyle and not just a diet to lose weight.

Smart Diet suggests eating healthy Mediterranean diet foods – fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil , among others – but in an intelligent way to lose weight and then maintain it. Among its promises, it is the panacea of the diet: lose weight without going hungry, keep eating healthy and achieving.

This program is based on four levels, as you progress you add new foods, and of course, you lose weight in addition to volume, corrects cellulite and fluid retention. It should be noted that one of the Smart diet guidelines is to control anxiety and stress levels, which are those that lead to overeating and food little benefit.

The first stage promises to lose one to two kilos. You can eat all vegetables and proteins like fish, yogurt, eggs or soy. Occasionally, some tastes: algae, black chocolate, dry wine, or lean red meat. It takes three weeks, avoiding the time fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, red meat and oily fish. Adds three hours of moderate physical activity like biking or walking.

In the second level are all the fish, seafood and whole grains are added or grain or vegetables. You can climb the intensity of exercise on the side.

In the third level, add more food and already beginning to reach the ideal weight. The meals are made with 35 percent of vegetables, whole grains by 25, another 25 percent lean proteins and fruits by 15 percent. You can enjoy a glass of wine at every meal, lean red meat once a week, and dark chocolate every now and then.

Already in the last level are added, but sporadically and in small portions, the “forbidden” foods: meats, refined grains, candy, regular soda.

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