Skin Roller: microneedles for applying creams

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The Skin Roller or Derma Roller is a tool with a mechanism similar to the roller that holds up to 200 microneedles whose function is to cause small wounds in the surface layer of the skin. The aim is, firstly, to stimulate collagen activity, on the other, make the skin becomes more receptive to the beneficial properties or active components of the creams and beauty products. The question is: in what cases this method is recommended?


Skin Roller: microneedles for applying creams


The clinics offer this treatment, ensure that all roads lead to Rome, this is one of the fastest. Experts compare the Derma Roller with alternative means to treat skin conditions such as dermabrasion, pulsed light and laser treatment. For whom is it beneficial?


The method is recommended in both women and men, and only prevents those with severe acne and sensitive skin, rosacea or psoriasis. In these special cases, a dermatologist can only endorse the application of treatment. Moreover, young skin wrinkles that have not experienced, they need not undergo the intervention of Skin Roller.


Application and benefits of Skin Roller

Application of Skin Roller is usually divided into at least five sessions apart from each other for seven days. The sessions last one hour, during which the therapist moves the device through the skin of the face, buttocks, or the area where you want to improve appearance. The procedure involves placing constant moisturizers.

At the end of the session, the patient is an antioxidant cream and botox to be smeared during the week, and the prescription to avoid the sun or use sunscreen or yes. The benefits for which treatment is performed with microneedles are:

  • Greater elasticity of the skin: by action on the collagen and elastin
  • Nutrition and brightness of the skin, because the active ingredients in lotions, masks, serums and others, are readily absorbed
  • Skin smooth and unwrinkled
  • Reducing stretch marks


Care and support for their use

  • The Skin Roller is for personal use
  • After a treatment is completed, the needles lose their effectiveness, so should be thrown away.
  • There is a technique to pass the Derma Roller, so it’s no good unless one be very sure not to cause any harm.

As experts say, the microneedles, but pierce the skin, make it very subtle, so that the feeling is almost painless. The results in the skin begin to appear only at the end of treatment.

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