At the top a basic shirt with good fall fabric, lightweight jersey or short blazer

How to Wear Sneakers at Work

When it comes to work clothes, sneakers usually do not come to mind. For a job look we always think of moccasins or high heels, logically in the type of footwear that speaks of professionalism and maturity. But you have to be realistic, many times women can not do this. When we are too exhausted […]

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Uncomfortable shoes have high heels or not, they may increase the risk of arthritis in the joints

Foot problems caused by shoes

In heavy times fashion is not going hand in hand with health, especially when shoes it is. The greatest enemy known for our feet is the stiletto, but the dangers are not just in it, there are other more styles of shoes that can be harmful. Discover what are the common problems caused by the […]

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How to wear red shoes

Where to wear red shoes?

I love the red heels. I seem divine. But I tell you something? I never dared to buy a pair because they knew how to combine them. The red is a strong color, bold and full of character: clearly, a bad choice can lead us to look ridiculous. So, almost always end up choosing black […]

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