Shoe Trend 2011: platform sandals, high heels and too much detail

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When talking about accessories, which gets all the looks without exception, is the footwear. During the fashion shows held in major cities across the world have seen the trends in most prestigious footwear at the hands of the designers.

Shoe Trend 2011 platform sandals, high heels and too much detail

Here, the fashion for the new season spring summer 2011 imposes some rules.

A trend that is taking its toll is the “extremes” in terms of creativity and originality. The austere designs against saturated. Sandals appear with platform and 15 cm heel or more very high! With details of strips, ribbons, cords, certainly not simple but very elegant and stylish.

Resurgence of clogs and shoes without heels, less bold but more comfortable.

Arguably the inspiration for this new season is a mix of ages. It seems that the idea has been cleverly models again retro design. Giving the shoe a style reminiscent renovated but classic, which retain all the glamour.

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