How to remove the irritation of shaving in the dug

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The shaving bikini area can irritate the skin and once this happens is not easy to get rid of the problem, which is also the cause of ingrown hairs.

In this post I show you the best ways to cure skin irritation dug. Anyway remember that even when treatment works wonders, it is best simply to give skin the care you need so that you can minimize any discomfort in the future.

If you already know that shaving irritates you dug, it is imperative that you act immediately after shaving. An antibiotic such as Neosporin is the best way to ensure that the skin does not come out and be sensitized red bumps in the bikini area.

But beyond that, there are plenty of products designed specifically to address this problem. They contain ingredients such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which are also used in the treatment of acne, as Witch hazel and tea tree oil.

antibiotic such as Neosporin is the best way to ensure that the skin does not come out and be sensitized red bumps in the bikini area

If you prefer to use natural solutions or simply want to avoid the use of topical antibiotics too often, the gel of Aloe Vera is the best ally because it acts as a moisturizer and a natural antibacterial treatment. Cornstarch, sour cream (hard to find in Argentina) and paste oatmeal other natural elements are able to avoid irritation in the vicinity of dug for shaving.

In the most severe cases of irritation , it is necessary to use hydrocortisone cream which will soothe the condition in a few days. If marks remain after this, once the skin is healed, apply creams with retinoids to remove darkening, but need not have sun exposure in the area.

What not to do when there is an irritation in the vicinity of dug

It is necessary that you avoid some things that can aggravate this condition and may lead to skin infections.

First, suspended shaving again until you resolve the problem. Shaving can lead to further irritation and if there are red bumps and ingrown hairs, it is likely that bacteria and transmitted the problem worse.

The rubbing of the underwear is not favorable, so choose those that are of a soft fabric that allows skin to breathe, and pants should not be too tight (ideally avoid jeans).

Sex is also another factor that worsens the irritation, ideally avoid him for at least 24 hours after shaving in this area, but the most important factor is that small breaks in the skin increase the risk of contracting infection sexually transmitted diseases (such as HPV)., even even with condoms.

Another thing to avoid in case of irritation from shaving in the vicinity of dug is heat and excess moisture. Forget for a few days of prolonged hot baths, sauna, jacuzzi or hot tub.

How to prevent irritation dug

Exfoliation of the area, made regularly, improves skin texture and prevents ingrown hairs. Take this process one day before shaving, never the same day because the skin may be too sensitive.

Use a post shave cream that is moisturizing, shaving the little machine has to have a lubricating strip and ideally not use it against the grain, but this is the only way to remove hair more flush.

Use a facial cleanser with salicylic acid before shaving, and the conclusion applies an antibiotic cream.

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