Reebok and Alicia Keys launched collection of Footwear

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Alicia Keys launches a collection of footwear in limited edition for Reebok, the singer has collaborated with the sports fashion company to create a special line of sneakers really lovely.

Alicia Keys and Reebok put at the disposal of all, filled with modernity and glamour shoes, Reebok Freestyle Hi shoes come in several different designs for all tastes. According to the artist, and now Designer, has always been fan of Reebok since she got her first pair of shoes.

Reebok and Alicia Keys jointly launched collection of Footwear

Alicia emphasizes collaboration with Reebok and the design of this collection has been a great experience, because as a result she was able to exploit their creativity in a whole new way.

She says that she collaborated with this limited edition of sneakers for Reebok working elbow to elbow with the design team to come up with models. Alice confesses that she looked backward in time and took as inspiration the silhouettes of her classic favorites as it is the case of the Freestyle Hi and Nylon classic. Also emphasizes that very fun the experience of working with a lot of colors and fabrics, and the creation of these sneakers, which at the same time you love to use, excites it greatly.

Reebok and Alicia Keys collection of Footwear

The beautiful singer admits that she wanted to add a personal touch to the collection. “My style is eclectic and wanted to assure me of influencing these sneakers with my own touch. The inspiration came from all over: the streets of New York, music, fashion, my friends, the world to my around… to create something that in addition to being great is wearable, makes you feel safe”.

Reebok and Alicia Keys collection of Footwear 2013

One of the favorite pieces of Alice in this collection for Reebok is the one that counts with the drawing of the keyboard of a piano and the graph of the city of New York, because both represent the soul and the heart of what it is.

Also loves the model of leather studded type botineta, because they have an air very rocker that identifies those who like this style of music.

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