Physical activity: Consistency is synonymous with results

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Now started the month of spring, and with it comes hot days, and this causes many people to start preparing for the summer with the intention to lose the extra kilos that tend to accumulate in the winter.

But it is very important to know that if we have not done anything in a while, we will not get the result; we want a couple of months of physical activity, the record is key to a harmonious body and this requires setting goals.

People who go to the gym because “do something” but do not enjoy the physical activity they perform, or have a specific objective, are the first to abandon the exercise routine.

This is the time that gyms are filled with athletes “swallow” that only go one time and quit when it annoy or heat becomes more intense, moving exercises for other things that are more enjoyable.

This attitude does not work, both for sport and for anything else that arises in life. You have to have consistency in what we undertake, and needed to get objectives, if necessary, sit down and write down on paper all that is intended at the time of going to the gym.

People who go to the gym because do something but do not enjoy the physical activity they perform

These goals have to be realistic and a deadline so that they can become a personal challenge, and thus generate some responsibility for achieving them. Having an end goal, can be divided into more accessible and short term that allow to be done to reach what we want.

Each challenge we get has to be marked on the pending list so you have a record of progress and also help us feel more motivated, which gives a lot more strength to go on with the job.

couple of months of physical activity

Another useful tool is to write the goals on paper and have them always in view so as to generate more official commitment to the cause to which we aim.

Note that the way we have to move to this goal is never going to be easy, there will always be detours, mistakes and corrections. But the point of the case, not how many times we stand, but nevertheless let us go, and remember that the whole trajectory made helps us to reach the desired goal.

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