Outfits proposals for spring summer 2012-2013

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The first heats of the season bring a new tonal range that emerges from the yellow, fuchsia and green were both in the winter. But this time the tones are smoothed in pastels and prints to the fore again randomly combined.

In the following lines we present some suggestions that should not miss in your wardrobe for spring summer 2012-2013.

If something was installed during this year were the platforms and fluo colors promising to stay at least for the summer to combine with floral prints, lace, chiffon, stripes and animal print. Other accessories like wallets also have their major role as both play with color this may be the garment stand out more.
Of all the new collections launched in recent weeks to put together some looks collect to what is used and how to combine them according the time of day, the occasion and the style of each woman.
outfits proposals for spring summer 2012-2013

For everyday Jeans and colors

Los Chupines remain firm for the season and added a range of pastel colors fluo full or as marked. The idea is to make the garment more prominently on the look for so you have to go with neutral colors such as gray or white to lower them a bit. The style suits for something little more formal blazers and notched heel platforms.
outfits proposals for spring summer 2012-2013

Mini and mixing colors

For younger and are being bold blends bold colors and textures as striped, plaid or prints. Should be encouraged to gather all in one outfit, but carefully, because one can be very striking and recharged.

Party nights Glam and rock

Trousers, mini shorts, metallic colors and psychedelic prints with lots of color is the proposal for the youngest to encourage more original combinations. Everything can also be very good and comfortable shoes and platforms. Jean shirts and leather still in the top of clothes that should not be neglected.

outfits proposals for spring summer 2012-2013

Modern and sophisticated

Increasingly are monkeys and whole sets adapted also to elegant occasions. The proposal of course includes pictures with much metallic and in fabrics such as silk and satin. Another touch that you should not miss are the palazzos well wide and comfortable pants to accompany with sandals.
Among the accessories never forget a thin jacket and any envelope or mini portfolio that come in colors combined with animal print or glitters.

Cocktail outfit Lace for everyone

Fortunately the lace is no longer only a fabric used in wedding dresses or elderly women. For at least two seasons is still a must not be missed. For evening in black and white tones are a wildcard, but also have to dare to light colors that allow use of day or night with accompanying stylish accessories. Lace dresses and blouses are among the most used items.

outfits proposals for spring summer 2012-2013


A press that is reinvented every season and thankfully no longer reserved only for teens are short and mini dresses cut close to the body. Strapless, one shoulder or with straps, are reinvented this time adding floral prints and lots of color as flúo that are so popular.
The key is always accompany high heels to give the illusion of longer legs.

Wildcards Ethnic and maxivestidos

Long, loose dresses still have a place in the wardrobes since they are a garment that is very comfortable and ready for use on several occasions. The key is to choose the pictures and tones so that they do not pass fashion. The most watched the look with ethnic touches that perfectly combines with shades is silver and gold to make them more nocturnal or without so much brightness and chatitas to take them on the beach or on a daily basis.

Lime green, pink and yellow are the colors, most viewed and demanded for this season that is just beginning. To go up the temperature is appropriate to begin to use them mixed with tones land or nude that will give the spring touch.

Source and photos: plot, Menage a Trois, Jazmin Chebar, Rhapsody, Ayres, Zara, María Cher

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