Organic cosmetics, beauty and balance

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Who reads what are the ingredients of the cosmetics industry? Well, the truth is that since the damage is known that some chemicals cause the skin and body short, medium or long term, more and more women tend toward organic cosmetics. This selective attitude towards the new market supply can be summarized under the slogan responsible consumption, an attitude that seeks not only the true beauty, as the chemicals ruin the skin, but also the ecological balance and environmental health.

Organic cosmetics, beauty and balance

The applications of synthetic chemicals to the cosmetics include perfume, creams and makeup. All products you apply on the skin regardless of skin tissues that absorb and carry these substances into the blood.

Organic cosmetics and environmental balance

For starters, the organic cosmetics protect the environment. This means that their production does not participate or oil excavation or mining, or experiments with animals to test the tolerance of living organisms to chemicals.

Second, if you begin to acquire 100% organic cosmetics be sure lead, parabens, preservatives, sodium sulfate, paraffin, silicone, jelly and bactericides are not to be incorporated into your bodies.

As consumers, you must learn to take the magnifying glass in the portfolio. However, there is no need to memorize each of the harmful components, while you find any of the seals that guarantee the institutional quality of the product in question. The letters correspond to the USDA American control and imply that cosmetics are 95% organic ingredients. The guarantee is European BDIH and certifies that the product is free of synthetic compounds.

The synthetic strategies cosmetics

The solutions can provide the chemicals to improve the cosmetic appearance of the skin are as transient as the fictional pleasure gives a cigarette. For example, anti-age creams those who do “the wrinkles disappear,” really swell skin. If the product no longer applied, the skin stretched down and you are worse than before.

The fragrances, textures, colors some lipsticks so spectacular and some creams are achieved in laboratories using chemicals such as sodium sulphate, applied in cleaning products and can affect the immune system, the paraben (or methyl), preservative that could affect hormone function, the BHA and BHT are antioxidants that react against the immune system.

Benefits of organic cosmetics

The most popular are cosmetic products
Its ingredients are of natural origin such as plant extracts, oils and no preservatives. The processes provide for chemical-free products from the cultivation and harvesting to conservation. That is, to be organic, cosmetic must certify that at least 95% of the raw materials are obtained naturally.

The care you provide is real, since you are not exposing yourselves to allergic reactions, or habituation, or poisoning of any kind. Therefore, the beauty will be sustainable and sound acquired.

The most popular are cosmetic products made ​​from bees, such as pollen, the royal jelly and honey, which applies to many applications with deep moisturizing results. Other effective raw materials are aloe vera and olive oil.

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