Online psychotherapy: a growing phenomenon

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We all feel at some point in our lives the desire to speak, to have our problems, we feel that someone understands. Many turn to the therapist and others can not do for lack of time, money and often by the shame of being identified as “crazy”, but you’re not.

Online psychotherapy a growing phenomenon

That is why, increasingly is becoming more common online psychotherapy. This is a virtual therapy where they apply the same techniques as traditional psychotherapy. The difference is that instead of lying on a couch be in a chair in front of your home computer. These therapeutic conversations can be developed through chat or email and Internet developments in relation to voice calls can also talk via webcam or video calls.


Who can be treated with psychotherapy online?

Those who are drug addicts or trends are not treated suicide as it is considered that the best is that they see their own teapeuta, but there are cases of depression, anxiety, fears, anxieties, crises, personality disorders, sleep disorders, problems of couple, family problems, sexual dysfunction, among others.


As you can see there are a variety of reasons why you can opt for online psychotherapy. These are based on dialogue and the professionalism of expert psychologists. Confidentiality is also highly respected in online psychotherapy.


Although years ago, many psychologists have had their doubts about the online psychotherapy, today most of them not only accept but its practitioners. They believe that virtual spaces very much resemble the real encounters, the therapist can analyze the voice of the patient but also their expressions facial and gesture, which is extremely important for therapy.


Note that untreated severe cases requiring no medication, but all those situations through dialogue or solution can be found a way to cope.


Highly respected psychologists and D. Bucay are providing this service with very good results and complete patient satisfaction. Moreover, many patients feel they can be opened via chat or video than in person, which helps a lot in therapy, because the more open and expressive than the patient better.


Costs can vary but is usually charged per session or you can even agree on a price for several sessions.

Search in Google “online therapy” and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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